How We Are Different

The Definitive eCommerce Solution

Store Establishment Services Include

Contemporary Shopfront

Exquisite and elegant webstore with numerous customizable templates and responsive design.

Inventory Management

Understand and keep up with customer needs and trends. Tools to handle stock efficiently.

Business Development

Slot in your offerings to a wide audience and stand out with NO extra costs.

CRM Equipped

Maximize lead generation and sales conversion with precise digita marketing and customer service.

SEO Tools

Streamline page content and structure to enhance search engine rankings.

Integrated Payment

In-store digital payment options enhancing customer check-out experience.

Calendar Planning

Create, host and manage events. Better scheduling, hassle-free servicing.

Membership System

Recruit, renew, manage and communicate with customers. Drive engagement efficiently.

SSL Security

Webstore are secured from cyber attacks with encrypted end-to-end communication.


Versatile Templates

Cast among the array of templates your choice and customize to your preference and taste!

FREE Marketing Boost

Align with our team for an extra boost in social media. Drive traffic and brand identity by establishing greater presence!


FREE Placement

Become affiliated with our Marketplace with NO extra cost. Grow exponentially with network effects!

Innovative Rewards SayGoodBuy

Get rewarded by great and constructive reviews with SayGoodBuy. Share your experience and build a word of mouth, who says letters and writings cannot be valuable?


Power Placed in Your Hands

Design4HK values eCommerce as part of the process of Digital Transformation.

We vision a world of eCommerce where merchants find it as easy and pleasant to sell online as it is for consumers to shop, be it online or offline.

Hence, our mission is to be your transparant and accessible companion of digital transformation.

Additional Opportunities

Extra Offerings & Programs

Discover Core Principles & Best Practices in eCommerce

Further facilitate I.T. learning and training in schools, foster tech-aware generations with the support of this program. Learning about the digital age can be joyful and insightful.

By Design4HK Commenced Dec 2021

Dedicated to Support NGOs & Non-profit Institutions

Our full-suite of platform enables higher efficiency and improves agility in managing operations, which is exactly why we also devote such tool those who serve the society and the community.

By Design4HK Commenced Dec 2021

Eliminate Distractions from Your Startup Voyage.

Digital Transformation can be extra challenging especially when building a business from scratch. Fear not! We are here to give a helping hand.

By Design4HK Commenced Dec 2021

Design4HK : The ACCESSIBLE & POWERFUL e-commerce platform. Conceived in Hong Kong, China.

The modern yet multifunctional online platform DESIGNED to supercharge any business.